Q &  A

1.  What is the application process?

Click on the link for Scholarship Application and follow the instructions.  Applications must be submitted in their entirety by March 31st annually.

2.   Who is eligible?

The children and grandchildren of active or retired contracted associates and employees of Penn Global Marketing.

3.  When does the scholarship program begin?

The Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis beginning in 2017.

4.  How many scholarships are annually awarded?

The objective is to provide 1 to 4 awards – based on qualified applicants.

5.  What schools are eligible?

All accredited universities and colleges, as well as certified online institutions.

6.  How is the Scholarship paid?

The Scholarship amount is paid directly to the Bursars Office of the school that the winning student(s) will attend.

7.  If I am already attending college can I apply?

Yes, students who have not completed their education can apply.

8.  Are my high school and college transcripts part of the application process?

Yes, you will need to submit your transcripts.

9.  Is there any other documentation needed?

Yes, an essay on the topic of your choice will be required up to 1,500 words.

You may also submit a self-video in addition to your essay.

10.  Are extracurricular activities considered?

Absolutely!  Please tell us about your sports, community service work, academic excellence to be considered in selecting the recipient(s).

11.  Are references required?

To complete your application, you will be required to have three reference emails submitted. One of these emails should be from the Penn Global Marketing associate who recommended you.

This is the link the reference letter to be submitted online.

12.  Is the Scholarship only for one year?

Yes, but you are eligible to reapply each year you will be in school.

13.  What is the Scholarship amount?

An award can be as high as $10,000 for the year.

14.  Where do I send my support documents?